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As early as possible. There are many variables when moving and many of them are out of your control. When something changes which affects the timing of the move, it’s very important you pass this information onto the appropriate parties as soon as possible. Moving schedules can and do change often, so it’s good to be dealing with companies who have experience to be able to cope with changes you may have.

Ideally Moving Maids will be packing your home, in which case we bring all the materials we need to pack your home with us. If not, you can purchase boxes, paper and tape etc by phoning or emailing your order through. We can deliver these to you door. If your looking to save money and source cheaper boxes, keep an eye out on trademe for 2nd hand boxes or try to get as many banana boxes as you can from Pack and Save and the like.

Yes. And No. If you’re organized and have time on your side, in the days coming up to your move try to use and minimise the food and liquids in your fridge and freezer. This will help when you need to place your cold and frozen food items into boxes or a chilly bin the night before your move. Try to use your frozen food to keep fridge items cold in the same box/bin. Defrost your fridge the night before moving day and give it a clean. Moving Maids can do this for you too! If you don’t, when you’re movers remove the fridge you will have water spill from the drip tray at the bottom of the fridge all over your floor, as well as some pretty foul odours when the fridge arrives at your new house!

The most important thing is selecting items you know you’ll need on moving day and don’t want packed into boxes. Separate these items and place into zip lock bags or a small priority box, and label it. When completing a walk through with your Moving Maids team, show them the box and explain you don’t want them to be packed. Examples of these items are keys, personal Identification, real estate contracts, phones, wallets etc. Our ladies are efficient, everything bar rubbish will be packed so make sure you don’t forget this step!

Of coarse! Freeing up your time time is what we do best. Rest assured you have mature, trustworthy maids packing and cleaning your home. We only employ the best! Use this time to organize your kids, your partner, your boss or your staff, pets, school pick up’s/drop off’s etc. Some of our customers just head out for a coffee. Whatever it is you need to do, you can leave us to handle everything else for you unsupervised.

We handle fragile good with great care. If the item is small enough we will protect it by surrounding it in unprinted newspaper, otherwise known as butchers paper. First, the box is lined with a generous layer of butchers paper loosely rolled so that the paper has plenty of air inside of it, creating a soft cushion which fully covers the base of the box. Next we will individually wrap your fragile item or items once again so that it is surrounded with a combination of paper and air. It will be place in a box with other suitable fragile items also wrapped generously with paper. We continue this process, adding another layer of rolled up butchers paper between tares within the box if necessary. Lastly, we fill any gaps with paper to ensure the items cannot move within the box and also put a final layer of loosely rolled paper at the top of the box. When we close to flaps on the box there should be some resistance, which means the box is full, avoidingpvvvvvv; any movement but not overfull so that items are crushed when we close the box. The end result is a box which should be able to be tipped upside down and the items inside will still be safe from damage.

Yes. We have a select few moving companies we deal with. After being in the industry for nearly a decade we know who performs and who doesn’t. There are many small moving companies that come and go, however we prefer to deal with either owner operators or larger companies with a very good track record. We will gather details of your move and liaise with the most suitable removal company for you. We’ll organize it all for you.

Perishable foods, anything damp or wet, rubbish, recreational drugs, firearms, fuel, paint and poisons are the only things that we can’t pack. For everything else in your home, we stock customized boxes to suit almost any item. An important note is that we do not internationally wrap furniture. What this means is that we won’t package your large items of furniture so that they are ready to be stowed into a container, for example tables and dressers. We pack for domestic removals where the moving company will have furniture blankets and ties or straps to protect your large pieces of furniture while in transit.

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